successfully porting coreboot to Jetway PA78VM5

I would like to say the first public mainboard porting has already successfully  been done. The whole work also including fintek f71863fg superio supporting. I would like to see the linux login shell shows on the screen. The vgabios is still working under the coreboot and payload process. But it always caused blank or flashing some nonsense character. I really did not know why. the VGA is extracted from the AMI bios. the strange things in that original vbios has an different device id  with (1002,9611). it is (1002,9610). As is known, 0x960 is the 780 vbios (HD3200), but Jetway PA78VM5 has an 780v(HD3100)vbios. I changed the vbios’s device id to make coreboot can load it correctly. it worked, but seems did not work very fine.

the other ongoing progress is digging the coreboot fam10 problems. the latest coreboot can not run very well with most of 780 family mainboard which including mahogany. So i should dig into the code to check out the which revision caused it.

In the next week, i will begin my next mainboard porting which is got from L84Supper. Thanks to him for sending me the board. After i know that shinner coreboot code can not be released, i should trying much more public mainboard porting.