GSoC 2011: (week 2) Coreboot Spice Payload

I still haven’t had a good progress on my project, my first step is to work around the buildrom system.

I got to bring fully the coreboot Kconfig options to buildrom, since I don’t want to manually update it after coreboot updates I decided to write a small program to parse the coreboot Kconfig files. I found some api’s to help but I god stuck with that first task since none of them actually help me so much. A simple task became so complex and took me more time than I wanted(I started to update the api’s and change it acordingly to my needs, but well my project is not a kconfig api).

For a better and simpler solution I sat down and wrote a small shell script to run all the Kconfig’s and merge it into a single Kconfig.coreboot.

Now the next task is to change the building flow, how coreboot is fetched, patched and built.

For the final image and package I still want to get it all on the flash, I’m working on finding a solution to fit it as small as possible.

I found it would be interesting to use Kdrive to make the image smaller since it’s a minimal X server, but it’s unmaintained and we can build a thin X server from upstream.
For code sharing and analisys I setup a git repository so my mentor can comment on what I’m writing.
Now I have to move I bit faster.