Support for Supermicro X7DB8+ added

It’s been a while since i committed the northbridge code for the Intel 5000 chipset. Now i finally had some spare time to clean up my Supermicro board patch. This board features:

  • Dual Socket 771
  • 1 PCI-e x4 Slot
  • 2 PCI-e x8 Slot
  • 3 PCI-X Slots
  • Onboard Adaptec SCSI Controller
  • two Gigabit NICs
  • and of course various other I/O stuff like serial ATA, IDE, serial/parallel ports, etc

What isn’t working right now:

  • Fan Control. All Fans are running on full speed, support for the Winbond W83793 and PECI has to be added
  • using a PCI-e x1 graphics card. As soon as such a card is plugged in, the system dies with a Machine check exception during startup.
  • Automatic MPTABLE generation. I’m currently working on a generic solution, but for now you have to edit devicetree.cb manually.