GSoC (board-)status update

Two weeks went past fast. Our industry partners have been kind and I  received some new boards  for coreboot testing.  I think I spent three  workdays on just the initial hardware setups and SPI recovery tools for the boards.

You should already see a posted board status report for Gizmosphere/Gizmo built from toolchain and source tree.  I have Adlink/CoreModule2-GF (aka LiPPERT/Frontrunner-AF) and PCEngines/apu1c4 next on my list to report. Latter board also requires it coreboot sources to be rebased and published.

These are all Agesa Family14 boards, more or less intended for embedded application use. When applicable, I will try to do some demonstration of the capabilities of Sage EDK and SmartProbe as those seem to be somewhat standard commercially available toolkit for AMD Embedded Partners.  It is clear we cannot beat a JTAG based in-circuit debugger with an alternative running over USB, but we may get surprisingly close by improving the command set of the GDB stub we run in ramstage.

Most of my time is still on solving some early memory space mapping issues for AMD platforms. As expected, reviews and test reports there are progressing slowly. My goal with these is to have CBMEM and USB consoles work in romstage too and additionally some boards currently lack S3 resume support and/or have PCI-e reset problems. I expect most of my development to work unmodified for fam15, fam15tn and fam16kb.

As a sidedish there has been more than the typical amount of review work for me on the table. Edward has done an amazing job sorting out the superio spaghetti romcc left us with. There was also a fair amount of discussion around IRQ routing and new Intel FSP ports to look at.