[GSoC] End user flash tool – week #1

During first week I worked mostly on implementing a part of graphic interface. I prepared a presentation with description of very basic elements and features – link. I will appreciate your feedback about it as it is not its final form!

Is this interface handy enough or should be somehow changed?
Are some important features / options of flashrom or cbfs_tool missing?
Do you have any suggestions?

I also started working with libflashrom – patch set implemented by Nico Huber some time ago (patch), the code is a bit outdated and most functionalities are not working at the moment. I did few changes and now I am able to use fl_set_log_callback() to redirect flashrom print output to GUI. I implemented fl_supported_programmers() function which returns a list of supported programmers. Any suggestions about libflashrom are very welcome! For now I will align to this.

Plan for this week:
1. Continue implementing / improving GUI.
2. Writing unit tests for GUI part.
3. Learning flashrom codebase by fixing and extending libflashrom patch.