[GSoC] coreboot for ARM64 Qemu – Week #3

For the week 3, I started to build the coreboot image to run on the target arm64 qemu. As soon as I started, I had to face a big red flag, a toolchain building error! The new toolchain (v1.31) failed to build on MacOSX. Despite several attempts, binutils failed to build and I couldn’t get the toolchain running. /buildgcc also failed on OSX due to missing string search for clang. Marc kindly help me out on this by introducing a small patch on this front. I also tried using the actual gcc and g++ (and not the innate gcc and g++ on OSX which are just symlinks to clang) but couldn’t rectify the toolchain build error.  But strangely, when I tried to build an older toolchain (v1.24) on the same machine, it worked. Confused, I decided to move forward with the build with the old toolchain itself.

I had to make some modifications on the src/mainboard/emulation/Kconfig, to bring up the new emulation mainboard. After this, I was able to successfully generate a configuration by running make menuconfig.

Next step was to make and generate the build/coreboot.rom. I have been facing some errors while building which I have been resolving on the way. The plan for this week is to finish the build. I also want to look at solving the toolchain building issue. Stepan said that the new toolchain hasn’t been tested on OSX, so this should provide some useful insights.