coreboot changelog March 2 – March 15

This changelog covers 187 commits in the two week period between March 2, 2016 and March 15, 2016. (c77e0419 – 80547369)

Once again this time, we had many changes in the payloads area. We added a memtest86+ git repository, and set it up as a secondary payload within the coreboot build process. SeaBIOS updated the stable version from 1.9.0 to 1.9.1 and has a new option to build from any specified commit instead of just master or stable branches. Google’s depthcharge payload was added for ChromeOS builds, and the coreinfo payload started getting some updates – removing obsolete pieces, fixing the makefile, and correcting issues with cbfs.

The MediaTek MT8173 ARM based SOC and the Google OAK board using it received a significant number of patches, adding trusted firmware support, and initialization routines for memory, USB, audio, TPM, GPIOs, I2c and RTC.

Several other groups of patches were to perform cleanup for various chipsets. One series unified and fixed up the UDELAY settings, many of which were incorrectly specifying TSC delays which weren’t supported by those platforms. Other sets removed code #includes of C files, merged the MRC cache implementations into a single common version, and combined Sandybridge & Ivybridge LVDS implementations. The FSP version of Intel’s Bay Trail was updated to mirror the non-FSP implementation, enabling LPE and LPSS in ACPI mode. The plan with Bay Trail is to make the two versions as similar as possible, then work to combine the directories and use common code for both.

Intel has started adding support for their Xeon D (Broadwell DE) processor. So far only the vendorcode has been merged.  The coreboot code is another 4700 lines of chipset code and 800 lines of mainboard code, so that’s taking some time to get reviewed.

The patches bringing up the Quark and Apollo Lake Intel chips continued, with Quark getting minor updates and Apollo Lake continuing to add core functionality like memory init and the various calls into the FSP.

Additional work was done on Skylake as well, updating the FSP parameter table, adding a Voltage Regulator mailbox command, and adding clock gating for the 8254 timer.

Utilities only got a few changes this time. The cbmem utility got a fix a regression and correctly scale the timestamp values and an option to change the SPI ROM chip sizes was added to ifdtool. Cbfstool got a couple of fixes as well, making sure the structure sizes are the same whether compiled for 32-bit or 64 bit platforms, and zeroing out unused Linux parameters.

AMD’s native memory initialization got some more cleanup and several fixes, restoring DQS delay values on a failed loop, and making sure that both read and write training pass before proceeding to the next training phase instead of continuing when either one passed.

SMBIOS changes included a patch to add SMBIOS type 17 (Memory) fields to the Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge platforms, and another patch to fix the length calculated for those fields for every platform. A third patch added the names of several different DIMM vendors.

The X86 bootblock renamed several symbols for clarification, removed some unused code, and marked the reset vector as executable so it would show up in objdump.

We had a slew of patches from new authors merged in the past two weeks. Welcome to all new authors and thank you to everyone.

Antonello Dettori had 3 patches merged, allowing SeaBIOS to be build from any revision, and cleaning up early serial on the roda rk9 and amd thatcher platforms.
Bayi Cheng wrote a patch adding NOR flash DMA read routines for the Mediatek MT8173.
Georg Wicherski updated and added Google’s auron paine board.
Huki Huang modified the ChromeOS wifi regulatory domain to use the region key from VPD.
Jan Tatje updated the Intel Firmware Descriptor tool (iftdool) to allow the SPI rom sizes to be updated.
Jitao Shi added the parade ps8640 MIPI-to-eDP video format converter driver.
Jonathan Neuschäfer had an astounding 7 patches merged in his first couple of weeks submitting to coreboot. He fixed a syntax error in buildgcc, and updating several areas in coreinfo.
Jun Gao did I2C work on Mediatek MT8173 and on Google’s Oak board,
Lance Zhao had a pair of patches for Intel’s Apollo Lake reference board, setting up the devicetree, and adding memory training configuration.
Medha Garima added runtime SD card detection to Intel’s Kunimitsu board.
Milton Chiang had a patch updating the infracfg register map for the Mediatek MT8173.
Peter Kao wrote a pair of patches adding DRAM initialization to the Mediatek MT8173 and Google’s Oak board.
PH Hsu set up 4GB mode on Mediatek MT8173 and Google’s Oak board.

coreboot statistics

- Total commits: 187
- Total authors: 44
- New authors: 13
- Total lines added: 15724
- Total lines removed: -1750
- Total difference: 13974

Added 1 mainboards: google/auron_paine
Added 1 new driver: parade/ps864C

=== Top Authors - Number of commits ===
Martin Roth                  27 (14.439%)
Stefan Reinauer              24 (12.834%)
Andrey Petrov                18 (9.626%)
Aaron Durbin                 15 (8.021%)
Yidi Lin                      8 (4.278%)
Timothy Pearson               8 (4.278%)
Jonathan Neuschäfer           7 (3.743%)
Patrick Rudolph               7 (3.743%)
Leroy P Leahy                 6 (3.209%)
Alexander Couzens             5 (2.674%)
Duncan Laurie                 5 (2.674%)
Total Authors: 44

=== Top Authors - Lines added ===
Peter Kao                  3750 (23.849%)
Andrey Petrov              2536 (16.128%)
York Yang                  2509 (15.956%)
Georg Wicherski            2214 (14.080%)
Alexandru Gagniuc           409 (2.601%)
Ben Gardner                 406 (2.582%)
Leroy P Leahy               384 (2.442%)
Daisuke Nojiri              373 (2.372%)
Bayi Cheng                  314 (1.997%)
Martin Roth                 256 (1.628%)

=== Top Authors - Lines removed ===
Alexander Couzens           309 (17.657%)
Leroy P Leahy               255 (14.571%)
Stefan Reinauer             207 (11.829%)
Aaron Durbin                162 (9.257%)
Jonathan Neuschäfer         156 (8.914%)
Timothy Pearson             127 (7.257%)
Julius Werner                93 (5.314%)
Zheng Bao                    87 (4.971%)
Martin Roth                  66 (3.771%)
Andrey Petrov                58 (3.314%)

=== Top Reviewers - Number of patches reviewed ===
Martin Roth                  82 (43.850%)
Stefan Reinauer              62 (33.155%)
Paul Menzel                  45 (24.064%)
Aaron Durbin                 28 (14.973%)
Andrey Petrov                13 (6.952%)
Patrick Georgi               12 (6.417%)
Furquan Shaikh                6 (3.209%)
Timothy Pearson               4 (2.139%)
Ronald G. Minnich             4 (2.139%)
Alexander Couzens             4 (2.139%)
Total Reviewers: 22

=== Submitters - Number of patches submitted ===
Martin Roth                  85 (45.455%)
Patrick Georgi               47 (25.134%)
Aaron Durbin                 24 (12.834%)
Stefan Reinauer              20 (10.695%)
Vladimir Serbinenko           4 (2.139%)
Werner Zeh                    2 (1.070%)
Timothy Pearson               2 (1.070%)
Zheng Bao                     1 (0.535%)
Leroy P Leahy                 1 (0.535%)
Ronald G. Minnich             1 (0.535%)
Total Submitters: 10

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