PureBoot Framebuffer Boot Support

The latest release of PureBoot, Release 27, now boots memtest86+, Debian netinst, and other OSes that rely on framebuffer output! We worked with the Heads team to implement this change upstream, and it is now in our latest release. Update your firmware with our update instructions! If you’ve ever tried to boot from PureBoot, and […] The post PureBoot Framebuffer Boot Support appeared first on Purism.

How We Fixed Reboot Loops on the Librem Mini

Firmware debugging is uniquely challenging, because most conventional software debugging tools aren’t available.  With coreboot’s specialized tooling, support from the amazing community, and a little bit of creativity, we fixed a regression in coreboot 4.17 that caused reboot loops on the Librem Mini. When coreboot makes a new release, I rebase our Librem-specific patches onto […] The post How We Fixed Reboot Loops on the Librem Mini appeared first on Purism.