Payload infrastructure

hi i am Cai Bai Yin. And my GSOC 2010 project is Payload infrastrcuture. The main job may including adding payload build support to the coreboot kconfig and crossgcc build which would make the project as an whole. if time permit, some filo improment will aslo be included.

I am a freshman to coreboot. But i am trying my best to do things better. There may be lots of tough probems stay in front of me. Hope i can deal everything well. I will aslo try to learn as much as i can from the others.

One thought on “Payload infrastructure”

  1. Have you considered the other way round? What I mean is to be able to integrate coreboot into a well-proven tool used for building stuff, like buildroot or OpenEmbedded.

    This would benefit a lot the LAB-like payloads and It would easily lead to having lots of programs available from them to be converted to payloads with a relatively small effort.

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