Progress with TianoCore as a payload

I’m finally past the point where I’m scratching my head over what I’m reading and know what I have to do.  This changes my initial schedule, somewhat.  I hadn’t really understood how much work needed to be done to make TianoCore an effective payload, so my original estimate of “two weeks” was totally wrong, but now that I’ve started I’m feeling good about it.  Right now I’m working on getting TianoCore to build with the coreboot reference toolchain, and adapting the Makefile and kconfig stuff from FILO.  The current way of building TianoCore’s edk2 package involves building their toolchain, and I’d like to cut that part out, or automate it if I can’t cut it out entirely.  The goal is to reduce the number of hoops that potential users and developer’s have to jump through in order to try EFI with coreboot.

One thought on “Progress with TianoCore as a payload”

  1. coreboot’s crossgcc utility can build a i386-mingw32 compiler which I know was sufficent to build edk2 this time last year – without building another compiler of their’s.

    I’m rather short on time, but if you have any specific issues, I can try to help you with that.

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