flashrom: Which hardware do you want supported?

flashrom is growing rapidly and we are constantly adding support for new SATA/PATA controllers, network cards, graphics cards, USB devices, JTAG cables, DIY hardware hacks, desktop/server mainboards and even some laptops.

If you own a piece of hardware which has a flash chip and lives in a PC (embedded devices with NAND flash are already covered by other software), and if you want to reflash that piece of hardware, please comment here (with some info on how to reach you) or mail us at flashrom@flashrom.org. We will use this to prioritize support for hardware people are interested in.

If you happen to know where to find datasheets about your hardware, please include links to the datasheets as well. We appreciate “lspci -nnvvvxxx” for PCI devices with flash chips, and “lsusb -v” for USB devices. If flashrom already supports your device, but not the flash chip on it, please send “flashrom -p someprogrammername -V” output to allow us to diagnose the problem. If flashrom doesn’t find a flash chip, but the device in question has a flash chip, we also need “flashrom -p someprogrammername -V” output. Small hint about mainboards: You can leave out “-p internal” from the flashrom command line because the internal (mainboard) programmer is the default.

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4 thoughts on “flashrom: Which hardware do you want supported?”

  1. Flashrom is in an urgent need of supporting the following programmers:

    1. Willem over parallel port
    2. FT2232 JTAG cables
    3. Make some Arduino based ones
    4. Make some Teensy based ones
    5. Parallel port ones like LPCv2

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