Google releases Intel Sandybridge support for coreboot

Exciting times! In the last couple of days, Google has released a major piece of coreboot support for the Intel Sandybridge processor and Cougar Point southbridge. This is the first time that coreboot supports the latest generation of Intel chipsets. In the next weeks more code will be released to support a number of mainboards with this processor/chipset combination. Stay tuned!

Check out the article on Phoronix.


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Stefan Reinauer

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4 thoughts on “Google releases Intel Sandybridge support for coreboot”

  1. Wow! That’s really good news! I just saw today (2012-04-13) a chromebook laptop booting off of coreboot and i have to ask: could I replace the bios of any sandy bridge laptop with coreboot and the seabios payload?

  2. In coreboot, each mainboard has to be supported individually. It’s way easier to support a new mainboard with a supported chipset though, than writing chipset support from scratch.

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