On coreboot leadership…

Dear coreboot community!

I want to wholeheartedly thank every single one of you, who has contributed code to the coreboot project, reviewed code, improved our documentation in the wiki, or has contributed to the project by other means. You all have helped create a truly great project.

In 2014 alone, more coreboot devices have shipped than in all previous years combined! Since the start of coreboot v2 in 2003, 345 contributors have put over 12 thousand commits, an estimated effort of 457 years (COCOMO model) into the project. Since 2010, we have added support for all new Intel mobile and AMD R and G series processors. In the last year alone, we have added support for ARM/ARM64 SOCs from 7 vendors and, support for the MIPS and RISC-V architecture.

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Request for Participation: coreboot consortium for business

We want to make coreboot more accessible and usable for businesses. In order to coordinate efforts, we plan to create a business organization (a.k.a. a coreboot consortium) that helps commercial players out in the field to become a part of the coreboot community, share marketing materials, participate in working groups, and other efforts to promote the use of coreboot in the market place and be successful with coreboot based solutions.

If you work for an organization that is using coreboot, developing coreboot, or is just interested in coreboot, please help us learn about your needs and wishes and fill out the following form: http://goo.gl/glhNh5

Google releases Intel Sandybridge support for coreboot

Exciting times! In the last couple of days, Google has released a major piece of coreboot support for the Intel Sandybridge processor and Cougar Point southbridge. This is the first time that coreboot supports the latest generation of Intel chipsets. In the next weeks more code will be released to support a number of mainboards with this processor/chipset combination. Stay tuned!

Check out the article on Phoronix.



Welcome to the coreboot developers’ blog. This will become the place where our awesome Google Summer of Code students will log their progress during this summer. I’m really looking forward to all the great projects we are going to have this year. Of course, if you are a coreboot developer, and want to post here, drop me a note.