coreboot changelog Jan 27 – Feb 2

This changelog covers 131 commits in the week between January 27, 2016 and February 2, 2016. (dd4b66e2 – 95909924)

The biggest news of the past week was getting the 4.3 release done. The 4.4 release should come towards the end of April.

Of particular note to anyone submitting patches, we added 2 new code checkers this week, one to verify that the executable bit isn’t set on source files, and one to verify that the standard coreboot license header is used on files using the GPL 2 or 2+ licenses. These checks will be run automatically when you commit code if you have the git commit hook in place, and will also be run on the build server.

coreboot again had numerous patches surrounding the build system, tools, and utilities. The flood of cbfstool related patches finally slowed a bit, but we still had some cleanup, both in the tool and in the cbfs sections of the Makefiles. In the toolchain area, we updated LLVM to version 3.7.1, and added GNU Make to the toolchain. The addition of make was to address some upcoming patches that needed the newer version, as well as to support platforms that don’t install GNU make by default. The kconfig_lint tool had various updates to get rid of warnings that we don’t care about, to add documentation, and to add a couple of additional checks. Next week will see a few more fixes, and it will be put in place as a stable lint tool.

We had significant updates to a number of mainboards and the related chipsets in the past week as well. Intel had a large number of changes for their Braswell SoC and its reference board, Strago, merged this week. These included fixes for GPIOs, clocks, SD cards, and thermal support, as well as FSP integration updates. The Asus kgpe-d16 mainboard, along with the AMD Fam10h-Fam15h processor directory and the SB700 soutbridge had numerous patches to improve stability, fix IRQ routing and APIC identification, and improve ACPI. The winbond w83667hg-a was added to the coreboot codebase for the board as well. The Intel d510mo board had some improvements related to native graphics initialization, GPIOs and ACPI. The gigabyte ga-g41m-es2l and the Intel x4x northbridge code had some general cleanup and improvements to cbmem and memory initialization. We also saw the introduction of the initial framework for the new Intel Apollo Lake SoC. We’ll be seeing many more patches related to Apollo Lake in the coming weeks.

Other changes of note included code to initialize the PS/2 aux port, a way to access memory address 0 without GCC “optimizing” it into a crash, and the addition of some documentation from Intel about developing new FSP based boards and chipsets. Finally, the Intel sklrvp Skylake reference board was dropped in favor of using the kunimitsu board.

coreboot statistics for the past week

- Total commits: 131
- New authors: 8
- Total authors: 30
- Total lines added: 3833
- Total lines removed: -3652
- Delta: 181

=== Top Authors - Number of commits ===
Timothy Pearson              22 (16.794%)
Martin Roth                  21 (16.031%)
Patrick Georgi               15 (11.450%)
Damien Zammit                13 (9.924%)
Hannah Williams              12 (9.160%)
Leroy P Leahy                 5 (3.817%)
Stefan Reinauer               5 (3.817%)
Divagar Mohandass             4 (3.053%)
Vladimir Serbinenko           3 (2.290%)
Alexandru Gagniuc             3 (2.290%)
Total Authors: 31

=== Top Authors - Lines added ===
Damien Zammit               725 (18.915%)
Timothy Pearson             701 (18.289%)
Leroy P Leahy               646 (16.854%)
Subrata Banik               427 (11.140%)
Martin Roth                 262 (6.835%)
Aaron Durbin                204 (5.322%)
Patrick Georgi              179 (4.670%)
Alexandru Gagniuc           140 (3.652%)
shkim                       107 (2.792%)
Nico Huber                   91 (2.374%)

=== Top Authors - Lines removed ===
Martin Roth                1688 (46.221%)
Hannah Williams             661 (18.100%)
Divagar Mohandass           315 (8.625%)
Damien Zammit               307 (8.406%)
Timothy Pearson             212 (5.805%)
Patrick Georgi              104 (2.848%)
Nico Huber                  102 (2.793%)
Leroy P Leahy                95 (2.601%)
Stefan Reinauer              43 (1.177%)
Lee Leahy                    23 (0.630%)

=== Top Reviewers - Number of patches reviewed ===
Martin Roth                  71 (54.198%)
Stefan Reinauer              20 (15.267%)
Patrick Georgi               18 (13.740%)
Paul Menzel                  16 (12.214%)
Alexandru Gagniuc            14 (10.687%)
Aaron Durbin                 10 (7.634%)
Felix Held                    8 (6.107%)
Timothy Pearson               7 (5.344%)
Nico Huber                    4 (3.053%)
Alexander Couzens             3 (2.290%)
Total Reviewers: 15

=== Top Submitters - Number of patches merged ===
Martin Roth                  94 (71.756%)
Patrick Georgi               15 (11.450%)
Stefan Reinauer               8 (6.107%)
Leroy P Leahy                 6 (4.580%)
Vladimir Serbinenko           3 (2.290%)
Nico Huber                    2 (1.527%)
Aaron Durbin                  2 (1.527%)
Werner Zeh                    1 (0.763%)
Total Submitters: 8