coreboot changelog Feb 3 – Feb 9

This changelog covers 107 commits in the week between February 3, 2016 and February 9, 2016. (2cc2ff6f – c285b30b)

This week, it looks like the biggest set of changes were the changes directly supporting chrome verified boot, adding options for the GBB flags and supporting VBNV (vboot non-volatile storage) in cmos, flash, and the EC. The verified boot (vboot) submodule included by coreboot was also updated, bringing in another 26 patches. These changes included a variety of work committed to the chromium vboot repo over the past several months. Another submodule was added this week to bring the Chrome EC codebase into the coreboot tree. There were several additional commits to update the build to use the new submodule.

The Intel Skylake and associated boards continued to get updates including more GPIO fixes, disabling the PM timer in ACPI, and unconditionally setting up the BAR for the SPI controller.

Intel continued adding documentation in the Documentation/Intel directory. This is mostly targeting the newly added Galileo mainboard, the newly added Quark X1000 Soc, and version 1.1 of the Intel FSP.

The AMD Family 10h / Family 15h directory and mainboard got some more patches, updating the RDIMM memory training code to work around some failures. The other main feature added was a CMOS option to enable/disable core boost.

There were a number of ACPI ASL changes this week. Several were bugfixes, some were to get rid of unused variables causing warning, and others worked around different warnings generated by new versions of the IASL ACPI compiler. These will help the effort to upgrade the IASL ACPI compiler to the latest version.

The native memory initialization code for the Intel Sandybridge/Ivybridge platforms had a fix for using two DIMMs per channel, and there were a few changes working towards switching the MRC based Sandybridge/Ivybridge implementations over to using native graphics and memory initialization. The goal is that the boards that currently use the Intel MRC should be able to build with either path. More of these changes will be merged in the coming weeks.

The toolchain builder, buildgcc, had several changes to clean up and reorganize the makefiles, and to add a toolchain build for the nds32le architecture in support of the chrome EC builds.

coreboot’s site-local directory was extended to use a Kconfig file and adds a make target which gets run at the end of the rest of the build. Documentation on how to use this should be completed and released next week.

Miscellaneous other fixes include a new lint test ensuring assembly is in AT&T syntax, an update to the QT version for the ‘xconfig’ Kconfig front end, adding PS/2 Aux presence detect to the nuvoton nct5572d SuperIO, and adding a new ARM SoC, Marvell’s Armada 38x.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the coreboot community.

New issues that we saw this week

– The toolchain build seems to be broken for some people as of commit 8e68aff51 – “buildgcc: enable multilib for gcc”
– There were issues with make gitconfig on a newly cloned repo caused by commit ec0b586 – “3rdparty/chromeec: Add Chrome EC firmware sources”.
– Commit ec0b586 – “3rdparty/chromeec: Add Chrome EC firmware sources” also causes issues pulling down the blobs submodule.

New bugs filed this week

– board-status allows invalid uploads
– Windows doesn’t like ToString() calls in ACPI
– [Haswell/Broadwell] LPC power optimizer RCBA instructions break eDP display with Intel VBIOS
– cbmem utility fails on newer linux kernels “Failed to mmap /dev/mem: Resource temporarily unavailable”
– Provide and use enums for SerialIoI2cVoltage

coreboot statistics for the past week

- Total commits: 107
- New authors: 3
- Total authors: 24
- Total reviewers: 14
- Total lines added: 13759
- Total lines removed: -1974
- Total difference: 11785

Added 2 mainboards: asus/kcma-d8 & intel/galileo
Added 1 mainboard variant: lenovo/X220i
Added 2 SoCs: intel/quark & marvell/armada38x

=== Top Authors - Number of commits ===
Leroy P Leahy                15 (14.019%)
Patrick Georgi               15 (14.019%)
Aaron Durbin                 14 (13.084%)
Vladimir Serbinenko          10 (9.346%)
Timothy Pearson               8 (7.477%)
Duncan Laurie                 7 (6.542%)
Martin Roth                   6 (5.607%)
Stefan Reinauer               6 (5.607%)
Ruilin Hao                    5 (4.673%)
Total Authors: 25

=== Top Authors - Lines added ===
Timothy Pearson            3956 (28.752%)
Ruilin Hao                 2964 (21.542%)
Leroy P Leahy              2780 (20.205%)
Duncan Laurie              1091 (7.929%)
Zheng Bao                   463 (3.365%)
Dhaval Sharma               450 (3.271%)
Patrick Georgi              397 (2.885%)
Aaron Durbin                397 (2.885%)
Lee Leahy                   346 (2.515%)
Edward O'Callaghan          236 (1.715%)

=== Top Authors - Lines removed ===
Zheng Bao                   426 (21.581%)
Edward O'Callaghan          393 (19.909%)
Duncan Laurie               323 (16.363%)
Timothy Pearson             223 (11.297%)
Vladimir Serbinenko         108 (5.471%)
Stefan Reinauer             106 (5.370%)
Aaron Durbin                 84 (4.255%)
Pratik Prajapati             79 (4.002%)
Martin Roth                  62 (3.141%)
Patrick Georgi               49 (2.482%)

=== Top Reviewers - Number of patches reviewed ===
Martin Roth                  55 (51.402%)
Stefan Reinauer              44 (41.121%)
Aaron Durbin                  8 (7.477%)
FEI WANG                      6 (5.607%)
Patrick Georgi                6 (5.607%)
Paul Menzel                   5 (4.673%)
Timothy Pearson               2 (1.869%)
Leroy P Leahy                 2 (1.869%)
Alexander Couzens             2 (1.869%)
Felix Held                    2 (1.869%)
Total Reviewers: 14

=== Submitters - Number of patches submitted ===
Patrick Georgi               44 (41.121%)
Martin Roth                  37 (34.579%)
Stefan Reinauer              13 (12.150%)
Leroy P Leahy                11 (10.280%)
Vladimir Serbinenko           2 (1.869%)
Total Submitters: 5