coreboot changelog Feb 10 – Feb 16

This changelog covers 77 commits in the week between February 10, 2016 and February 16, 2016. (318ef96a – 0188b139)

Many of the big changes this week surrounded native initialization of the Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge platforms. We got patches to change platforms which had been previously based on Intel’s MRC blob to build with either the MRC or coreboot’s native memory initialization. We also got patches combining the Intel GPIO initialization for various chipsets into a single common set of functions.

Continuing the series from the past several weeks, we merged patches for the Intel Apollo Lake, Skylake, and Quark platforms. Apollo Lake got a skeleton for its initial mainboard, and added code to support GPIO init. Quark added FSP initialization and MTRR support. The more mature Skylake SoC received some minor fixes for graphics and to finalize SMM inside coreboot.

Another of the Intel FSP platforms, the FSP version of the Intel Bay Trail codebase was updated to support version 5 of the Bay Trail FSP, which should be released to the Intel website shortly.

On the ARM side, we got several small fixes, and a patch to verify consistency of the page table descriptors. This sounds like it will help prevent ‘interesting’ debug sessions due to conflicting memory types for the same memory area.

The build system and toolchain received fixes for issues downloading git submodules, for the gitconfig make target, and for building under paths that have an ‘@’ character in their name. A couple of changes were added to make Kconfig’s strict mode slightly less strict and more user friendly.

Two new lint tools were added this week, one to make sure that the site-local directory doesn’t get pushed and committed, and another that checks over the Kconfig files for various issues.

Other changes this week included a change to allow bootblock code to use CAR_GLOBAL variables, and continued work updating and adding license headers throughout the coreboot codebase.

Finally, I’d like to recognize two contributors this week:

Damien Zammit (damo22) reached his 50th commit merged into coreboot last week. His contributions have included the addition of two complete platforms, the Intel D510MO board with the Intel Pineview Atom processor, and the Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L board with the Intel x4x northbridge and Intel i82801gx southbridge. Damien joined coreboot in July of 2013, but has recently become very active.

Vladimir Serbinenko (phcoder) just broke 550 patches merged with his work moving Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge MRC platforms to native init mentioned earlier. Vladimir joined coreboot just under 3 years ago, and has been a fantastic contributor to the community.

Thanks to both of you, and to all the rest of the coreboot contributors.

coreboot statistics

- Total commits: 77
- Total authors: 16
- Total lines added: 6494
- Total lines removed: -1569
- Total difference: 4925

Added 1 mainboard: intel/apollolake_rvp

=== Top Authors - Number of commits ===
Patrick Georgi               12 (15.584%)
Vladimir Serbinenko          12 (15.584%)
Aaron Durbin                  9 (11.688%)
Julius Werner                 7 (9.091%)
Andrey Petrov                 6 (7.792%)
Duncan Laurie                 5 (6.494%)
Martin Roth                   5 (6.494%)
Leroy P Leahy                 4 (5.195%)
Alexandru Gagniuc             3 (3.896%)
Patrick Rudolph               3 (3.896%)
Yves Roth                     3 (3.896%)
Stefan Reinauer               3 (3.896%)

=== Top Authors - Lines added ===
Ruilin Hao                 2528 (38.928%)
Andrey Petrov               817 (12.581%)
Vladimir Serbinenko         681 (10.487%)
Yves Roth                   678 (10.440%)
Leroy P Leahy               451 (6.945%)
Patrick Rudolph             355 (5.467%)
Alexandru Gagniuc           242 (3.727%)
Aaron Durbin                213 (3.280%)
Patrick Georgi              194 (2.987%)
Julius Werner               131 (2.017%)

=== Top Authors - Lines removed ===
Vladimir Serbinenko         892 (56.851%)
Aaron Durbin                247 (15.743%)
Julius Werner               244 (15.551%)
Patrick Georgi               68 (4.334%)
Yves Roth                    64 (4.079%)
Martin Roth                  13 (0.829%)
Duncan Laurie                12 (0.765%)
Patrick Rudolph              11 (0.701%)
Andrey Petrov                 7 (0.446%)
Ruilin Hao                    4 (0.255%)

=== Top Reviewers - Number of patches reviewed ===
Martin Roth                  31 (40.260%)
Aaron Durbin                 16 (20.779%)
Patrick Georgi               13 (16.883%)
Paul Menzel                  13 (16.883%)
Alexandru Gagniuc            12 (15.584%)
Stefan Reinauer              11 (14.286%)
FEI WANG                      3 (3.896%)
York Yang                     2 (2.597%)
Andrey Petrov                 2 (2.597%)
Total Reviewers: 15

=== Submitters - Number of patches submitted ===
Martin Roth                  25 (32.468%)
Aaron Durbin                 19 (24.675%)
Patrick Georgi               15 (19.481%)
Vladimir Serbinenko           6 (7.792%)
Stefan Reinauer               6 (7.792%)
Julius Werner                 5 (6.494%)
Ronald G. Minnich             1 (1.299%)
Total Submitters: 7