One week plus…

I would like to report that I’m making some progress, but that wouldn’t quite be accurate.  I am making progress: I’m putting in adequate hours, reading code, reading specifications, but… let’s just say I’m starting to appreciate some of the less than complimentary things I’ve read about [U]EFI.  It is extremely complicated.  My inner engineer is constantly frowning as I read page after page of documentation, thinking, really?  they couldn’t think of a simpler way to design this?  Not trying to complain.  There are a few things I really like about EFI, but this sort of software development –the kind that starts with 3000+ pages of specifcations– is unlike anything I’ve ever dealt with.

One thought on “One week plus…”

  1. Yeah, sorry about EFI Robert. The politest thing I can say about it is it looks like every OS I’ve ever seen that was designed by an engineer with no OS experience (or even, really software experience). I’ve seen many designs, very much like EFI, and it always starts out as this simple-appearing thing, but at some point you realize the initial design doomed any hope of getting it simple, much less right. It is the way it is because the initial state was a botch.

    EFI is very much like the bad OS designs that preceded Unix — yes, a 40-year old design is superior to EFI. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

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