Jetway PA78VM5-H porting progress

firstly, thanks to Scott Olsen for supporting the mainboard. PA78VM5 is 780/700/ddr2.

The superio which it used is fintek f71863fg. I have already make all of the code done. but at last i found that i do not have the serial port convert which make me can connect to it.

The following week may be used to 1)extract the vbios. 2)make the linux booting…

i am pretty looking forward that.

One thought on “Jetway PA78VM5-H porting progress”

  1. I’m very happy to talk to visitors at the LinuxTag expo about the work that you are doing to port coreboot to some nice modern mainboards, and everyone is looking very much forward to the complete list of supported boards so that they can buy a system where coreboot runs!

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