FOSDEM 2011 photos

I just found out that nobody wrote a few lines about this year’s FOSDEM 2011. This year we had a booth (aka a “table”) in one of the buildings. We had total 4 speeches. I did one lightning talk about the coreboot and x86 init (video) and a lecture about coreboot and its speed. Carl-Daniel Hailfinger had lightning talk (video) and a talk about RAM Cold Boot Attacks The talks had a great success and a lot people attended.

During the weekend I was at the booth with the help of Marc Bertens, Sven Schnelle and Carl-Daniel Hailfinger. We had talks with random folks and we presented our achievements. Marc brought the Nokia IP350 boards, Sven brought the X60s Thinkpad laptop with coreboot and I brought Asrock 939A785GMH/128M and Asus M2V-MX SE.

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  1. Did anyone finally manage to flash the IP350 board with coreboot ? I have a few of them and wanna have fun with them with different OSes…

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