Coreboot in shipping products

We are starting to see coreboot in more shipping products this summer and I expect even more in the fall. The exciting thing is that coreboot is becoming a piece of technology that vendors are starting to advertise. A recent example is the Portwell PCS-8277:

WITH THE BOOT SPEED OF AN APPLIANCE New PCS-8277 telematics system based on Coreboot® technology with HD graphics processing engine 

I think that we are starting to see vendors and customers becoming more knowledgeable about what is going into their products and how coreboot is an advantage in many situations. I hope to see more announcements in the coming months.

4 thoughts on “Coreboot in shipping products”

  1. What kinds of payloads are vendors shipping with their products? I’d be thrilled to see a TinyCoreLinux or MicroCoreLinux implementation integrated onto PC motherboard BIOSes as an option.

  2. I’m a fan of TinyCore too, but I think that vendors are probably using filo or SeaBIOS for their disk services. SeaBIOS is the most flexible and has the most support for arbitrary OS images.

  3. Is anyone selling a PC or a tablet that uses coreboot?

    I gather that there isn’t a supported coreboot board that hasn’t been discontinued, costs less than $100, supports 16GB of RAM, and doesn’t have a NVidia or ATI chipset.

    So a wholly Free Software Foundation PC or tablet isn’t possible.

  4. Well, you put a lot of conditions on that, but wit coreboot and payloads, we are a step closer. We continue to chip away at the problem.

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