GSoC [early debugging] AGESA woes

I took some days off the project for holiday in mid-July; after that there has been some amount of problem solving / headaches with my main development platform (samsung/lumpy), as the upstream coreboot tree still appears to be broken. There is incompatibility with recent binary blob and even after some local fixes I still lose some early debugging with usbdebug.

SAGE Electronic Engineering has kindly provided me an AMD Persimmon board for coreboot development.  It took a while for me to get it up and running as it turned out even the very basic documentation of the board connectors and jumpers were behind registration and login on AMD website. Board arrived with coreboot + SeaBIOS combination pre-installed. Seems like flashrom utility works and I also have SPI header connector for recovery purposes. So I should be all equipped for my own build and I hope I get lucky with usbdebug on this hardware.

Now I must say I am not a big fan of the AMD vendorcode named AGESA. Things like CBMEM init and CAR setup are done in a way different fashion compared to the implementation without using vendorcode wrappers. It is a heavy reading, and to get early logging via either CBMEM or usbdebug, I will need to master and possibly modify that code too.

On SerialICE parts I have not made the progress the way I originally had planned, meanwhile some cleanups on low-level PCI configuration and minor usbdebug fixes have been merged. There is more to come on that sector. A fairly complex patchset draft on CBMEM, finalizing that should make it possible to enable CBMEM console for all boards, for ramstage at least.