GSoC 2014 [flashrom] Do I need to introduce myself?

Hello, my name is Stefan Tauner and I am participating for the third time in GSoC with a flashrom-related project. If you don’t know me then you have to be new here and should write an introduction post instead of me. 🙂 If you really have no idea then please take a brief look at my introductory posts from last year.

I finally managed to finish my master thesis shortly after this year’s accepted GSoC proposals were announced, so this year will be the last time I’ll participate as a student – unless I find time to do it again during my potential PhD project…

Anyway, instead of writing about my goals for this year, I want to share a few graphs related to flashrom development. The first one draws the number of lines added by individual contributors over time. Note that this includes all patches a developer submitted to our Subversion repository even if he is not the original author. The more horizontal a lines is the less active the committer is. Sadly there are a lot of horizontal lines…

lines of code by author over timeI was curious how my hiatus during my thesis work was affecting flashrom development so I created two graphs spanning the last year. This includes not only the final months of my thesis but also last year’s GSoC. One diagram shows the number of average commits per day each month and the other one depicts the emails sent to the flashrom mailing list on average per day each month. The bars for May 2014 are based on only 4 days worth of data, and I really hope that at the end of May it would not show about 25 Emails per day anymore or I’ll have to work on my project from a rehab facility. 😉

Average commits per dayEmails per day

In my next post I’ll lay out my plans for this summer. My (in)formal proposal can be found here. I was quite surprised that it has been accepted instead of my second and more focused proposal for a GUI tool to prepare coreboot images. OTOH, after a short trip into C++ land at the end of my thesis, I am quite delighted that I don’t have to wrestle with Qt and the like…

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  1. Hi Stefan,
    Your links to first and second proposal are not working.
    Only who’s logged in as YOU can see them…
    Have a good GSoC time.
    Bye, Enrico.

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