[Pre-GSoC] Set-up Phase-I

Hi! This past week went in gearing up and getting ready for the Coding phase to start. I intend to use the community bonding period for set-up of necessary hardware and studying the 1000 SLOC of the existing cbfs_media interface.

I had ordered my cubieboard, the back-bone  for this project last week, to avoid any hassle due to unavailability of hardware when the coding phase actually started. I received it this week. Along with it, all other supplements like the micro-SD cards, card-reader, HDMI-cable, etc were gathered. Hardware setup : Check! 🙂

The Cubieboard has 4GB of internal memory (NAND Flash), which comes pre-loaded with Android 4.0.4, on power-on we can see it operating. For our purpose, we would need  linux on it. So, the next step is to run Linux on this board.  BerryBoot makes this very easy. We use the manual installation using SD card image, found on that link.  A very good article that I found, which describes the set-up really well can be found here.

I would write another post next week that will show some of the results of this installation.

Also, I am spending some time reading the existing cbfs_media interface, can be found here. The regions patch by Aaron highlights the direction we would be taking, with the aim of reducing the buffer size for mappings, i.e. the aim of the project, as explained in the previous post.

This Bonding Period =  Spending time on the IRC + Initial Set-up + Slogging through source codes 😛 + Writing blogs (a first for me 😀 )