GSoC [early debugging] There is so much source

Not much new or fancy development yet. A time-consuming dive into sources of AMD platforms took place during the last two weeks as I need to fully understand what is going on with the memory management there. We need to find solution for CAR migration on these platforms, and while at it, let’s evolve these boards too for DYNAMIC_CBMEM.

Originally I had scheduled improvements for these platforms for July, but coordination of making changes to vendorcode might become a bottleneck, so I thought I better start early. In this process fifteen (15) or so copies of heap management sources of AGESA boards got combined into one. As a bonus, some family14 and family15 boards are now a bit closer for having S3 suspend/resume support.

I am expecting some more gear for coreboot development arrive later this week, I should then be fully equipped for my GSoC tasks.