GSoC 2013 accepted coreboot projects announced

We are happy to announce the GSoC 2013 coreboot projects:

Congratulations and welcome to coreboot GSoC 2103.


Flip Bits, Not Burgers – coreboot GSoC 2012 – Update

Update –

coreboot was not selected to participate in GSoC 2012. This is
disappointing new for the project. I do not know why we were not
selected this year. I will attend the post selection meeting to see
what we can do to improve our chances of selection next year.

Students, thank you for your interest in coreboot. We are happy that
you are engaging with our community. I hope that you continue
exploring your interest in coreboot. Please let us know what we can do
to assist you in your learning.

Feel free to send me questions, comments, or concerns.


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Coreboot in shipping products

We are starting to see coreboot in more shipping products this summer and I expect even more in the fall. The exciting thing is that coreboot is becoming a piece of technology that vendors are starting to advertise. A recent example is the Portwell PCS-8277:

WITH THE BOOT SPEED OF AN APPLIANCE New PCS-8277 telematics system based on Coreboot® technology with HD graphics processing engine 

I think that we are starting to see vendors and customers becoming more knowledgeable about what is going into their products and how coreboot is an advantage in many situations. I hope to see more announcements in the coming months.

AMD adds Family10 G34 coreboot support

AMD has added the Family10 G34 support to coreboot. This new support located in the AGESA vendorcode area. This AGESA code should be used for new Family 10 development. The initial development platform is the Super Micro H8QGI+-F mainboard.


Thanks to Kerry and Frank @ AMD for the submission.


A small side note, this addition put coreboot tree at over a million lines of code.


AMD contributes A-series Family 12 (Llano), Hudson-2 (SB900), and Torpedo mainboard

Frank Vibrans from AMD pushed commits for the Fam12 and SB900 code into gerrit last week. This is just days after the official A-series release. The review has started. Feel free to help out. The gerrit links are:,54,53,52,51,41,40


AMD commits to coreboot

Kevin Tanguay at AMD writes about AMD’s focus on coreboot.


Finally, AMD is now committed to support coreboot for all future products on the roadmap starting next with support for the upcoming “Llano” APU.  AMD has come to realize that coreboot is useful in a myriad of applications and markets, even beyond what was originally considered.  Consequently, AMD plans to continue building its support of coreboot in both features and roadmap for the foreseeable future.


This is great news for coreboot and I hope to see some announcements from other vendors on their coreboot offerings later this year.